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Compare Loans

The internet has allowed us an easy way to compare loans from the financial marketplace, finding the best loan deal has never been easier and quicker

When looking for the best loan deal, be certain that what you are comparing is 'like for like'. Especially when you are comparing loans , ensure you check that the deals offer the same rates of interest, over same time period, with no hidden extras. Don't be tricked by loan deals that are obviously just a ploy to get you to sign on the line before the interest goes up drastically. Use our table to compare loans which are from the major loan companies in the UK

Compare loans to find the best deal to suit you. Everyone’s circumstances are individual so it is important to match the personal loan to your circumstances. For example repaying over a shorter time period would mean higher monthly repayments but may mean that you get out of debt quicker.

Compare loans by using the following table to view loan deals from UK Loan Providers
Loan Typical Apr Sample £7000 Loan  
Low Apr Unsecured Loans (what is an unsecured loan)
Money Back Loan 5.7% Apr £162.49 x 48 Months Check it Out
Alliance & Leicester Loan 5.9% Apr £163.70 x 48 Months Check it Out
Norwich Union Loan 7.9% Apr £172.00 x 48 Months Check it Out
Easy Loans 7.9% Apr £140.83 x 60 Months Check it Out
Co-operative Bank 6.1% Apr   Check it Out
Halifax Loan 6.4% Apr £137.62 x 60 Months Check it Out
Freedom Finance 8.4% Apr   Check it Out
Polar Loans 7.7% Apr 149.45 x 60 months Check it Out
Virgin Loan 6.9% Apr   Check it Out
Secured Loans (what is a Secured Loan?)
A secured loan is a loan that required the borrower, to provide the lender with some security, in a secured loan this is normally the property of the borrower. There are advantages, higher loan values and longer loan terms are available.
Chase Saunders     Check it Out
Accepted     Check it Out
Promise Finance     Check it Out
Halifax Secured     Check it Out